Friday, 28 October 2016

Tire Tips

Tire Problems to Look For During a Visual Inspection

  • Over inflation: Too much air pressure causes mostly the tire's middle section to contact the road. This creates wear primarily in the center of the tread, with less wear at the tire's edges.
  • Under inflation: Too little air pressure causes mostly the tire's outer edges to contact the road. This creates wear primarily on both edges of the tire tread, with less wear in the center.
  • Tread wear on one edge of the tire: This typically occurs when the wheels are out of alignment.
  • Erratic tread wear: This is often called cupping, and may mean the wheel is out of balance, or that the shock absorbers or other suspension components need to be replaced.
  • Raised portion of the tread or sidewall: May indicate that one of the belts in the tire carcass has separated from those next to it.

Tire Problems to Look for While Driving

  • Unusual vibration or thumping noise: Vibration or thumping noises can indicate an out-of-balance tire, one with tread that has a flat spot due to locking the wheels in a panic stop, or a tire with a separated belt.
  • A pull to one side: While driving at a steady speed, pulling to one side may indicate an under inflated or damaged tire on the side of the car to which the vehicle pulls. If this is not the case, a brake problem or poor wheel alignment may be causing the pull.

Monday, 24 October 2016

A & B Commercial Tire Services


                    We offer a variety of products and services to enhance your vehicle's performance. Our friendly service staff will quickly get your vehicle set up with a high-quality tire that is right for you 
               We're always ready to help! Our philosophy is simple: We never promise more than we can deliver and we always give the customer more than they expect. We know that customer service is not enough. We want customer loyalty and we strive for that loyalty every day.

If you are in or near Painsville, stop and see all that we have to offer.


Service Calls:

Is your tractor or trailer tire blown, going flat, or got you stuck? We offer our farm service call as a solution. Call us and we will send out a service truck to evaluate the tire and take care of it on the spot. If the tire is beyond repair, we'll get you a replacement estimate and get you back to work.


Address: 8032 Proctor Rd, Painsville OH, 44077
Phone: 440-478-1205


Thursday, 20 October 2016


To increase the performance of the vehicle or make it a new one, a certain thing that you do need to do is tire replacement. Well, there is no certain prescribed life of a tire, but still, from time to time and after damaging of the same, one needs to change it. If there is any need of such servicing, you can simply contact, commercial tire service Painesville OH; they carry all adhesive services to meet your demands.
Always inspect your tire before going for a long trip. The inspections are easier to look for a small problem. Poor tire maintenance may lead to premature tire wear; it is advised to tune the service scheduling once a month. Maintenance is quite not enough; there are many tire problems to look for while driving.
Things to check out while seeking for mobile tire service Painesville OH:
You may think why this tiny work requires so much attention, well; this is not at all tiny idea as it is about the life of your vehicle, so it certainly demands a little amount of consideration. The tire is not the one that mere decide the performance, you also need to check other parts too, but yes, it is the most considerable part to decide the smoothness of journey. Check out some essential points of mobile tire repair Painesville OH:
  • The tire is only one part of the car that remains in direct contact with the road; you should form its inspection at least once a month. But if the driving leads in potholes and debris roads, the need arises more often.
  • Check that there is actually need to replace the tire, you can do it yourself or call your nearest tire repair service provider.
  • At Commercial tire repair Painesville OH, you can get the pair of tires of your demand, just tell them what kind of tire you need explaining the model number of your car, they will meet your demand as soon as you approach them.
  • Always tend to buy a good quality tire. Rather than replacing it, again and again, it is good to change it at once.
How you drive, smoothly or roughly, make a huge difference in the performance of the tire. 24 hours tire service Painesville OH is always available for the servicing of the tire, all you need to do is approach them and solve your problems.


Friday, 14 October 2016

24 Hour mobile tire service and Commercial tire repairs Painesville, Chardon and Hamden OH

Hour mobile tire service and Commercial tire repairs Painesville,
Chardon and Hamden OH

24 Hour mobile tire service and Commercial tire repairs Painesville, Chardon and Hamden OH

A&BCommercial Tire Services offer an impressive selection of tires from the best brands in the business for car, truck or SUV. Also stock a variety of specialty tires for nearly every need- industrial, commercial, OTR and farm tires. Call Us Now 440-478-1205

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